Using Social Media to Increase Search Engine Authority

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25 Nov Using Social Media to Increase Search Engine Authority

Most people think that increasing your website’s search ranking is all about bowing to Google’s rules, but in reality, it’s all about engaging with your site’s visitors, figuring out what information they are attracted to, and adjusting your content from there. Because websites are created to help people solve problems and locate needed information, it’s essential to create content that actually makes a difference. While, yes, it is important to understand how Google ranks websites and what makes a website “searchable” by Google’s standards, it’s essential to master social media by seeing how people use it and how it evolves over time.

Since 2010, Google has used social media engagement as a metric to rank websites. While Google also scores links and content quality, social media engagement is just as important to Google. The reason Google uses social media engagement to rank websites is because social mentions, likes, or retweets signal what people find interesting or important on the internet. Each Facebook like or Twitter retweet signals to Google that your content stood out to readers, kind of like a vote of confidence. The more social engagement your website gets, the more authority Google gives to your website and the content it has. The more authority Google gives you, the more likely your website will show up in search engine results – and that is the whole point! You want your website to be noticed, and social media is all about what is popular, engaging, and ‘liked.’

With nearly every business having some kind of online presence these days, it is crucial that your website is competitive. First, it’s important to produce quality content, not just a lot of content, but content that actually carries some weight and isn’t just a rehash of something you read on another website. Of course using widely known and used keywords are important, but how those keywords are mixed into your blog post is important in determining the quality of your content. Links, for example, are one of the most important SEO signals that Google uses to rank websites.

Say for instance that you write an article about photography and share a link to the article on Twitter. Once people click on your link, read your article, and like it, they may share your link. Even more, say someone wants to write an article referring to your photography article and they link back to your original blog post – Google will see this and will raise your rank because you’re now seen as an authority in photography. Social media is all about getting your brand, image, voice, and business out there for people to see.

So, in order for social media to help boost your authority with Google, first start by creating some quality content. Then, spread it around! Make your voice known on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other social media platforms. The more you write, share, and engage with readers, the more attention you’ll get from Google.

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