Tips for Creating a Domain Name

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07 Nov Tips for Creating a Domain Name

When creating a website, design and content layout is usually what most people usually spend the most time trying to perfect. But what about the domain name? Not only is this what people will type into their search bar (hopefully!), but this name should also carry your brand – it should encompass what your brand is and should hold true for the duration of your business. You domain name should tell people what your website, or business, is about. What services do you offer? What products do you sell? Your domain name should be as close as possible, if not identical, to the title of your website.  You want your domain name to represent your brand as best as possible, effectively communicating to people why they should visit your site. This naming principle applies to websites just as it does brick-and-mortar businesses. For instance, when you walk down the street and see a business called: “Rebecca’s Craft Supply,” you know that this business will most likely offer arts and craft products. Your domain name should be just as representative of what your website offers.

But coming up with a domain name is not always that easy, especially when there are more than 6 million domains registered today. With that many out there, choosing an iconic, memorable name can be tricky – but it is possible! Below is a list of tips that will assist you in coming up with the best domain name for your website.

  1.  Identify your brand & then domain – Do some research to see which urls are available. Once you find a few that you like, name your brand to fit. Also do research to see if others in your industry or niche are using a similar name and if they are direct competitors. Be creative and unique, make your brand name stand out. Then pick a domain name that correlates to your brand and niche.
  2. Be realistic in your wording – Do not try to be too clever with your name, because chances are most people will not understand the name unless you explain it to them personally (and do you have time for that?) Keep your domain name easy to spell and remember. You want people to keep coming back to your website and if they can’t remember your name, that won’t happen. Also, keep in mind that people talk and share cool websites that they’ve been to. If Sarah creates a website called, that will be easy for people to talk about and recommend because it’s easy to spell and isn’t littered with hyphens or numbers. But if Tim names his website:, most people won’t realize in conversation that “jackd” is missing an e. These kinds of nuances are not appropriate for domain names, even if you can redirect “jackedupcarsforsale” to your actual domain. You want short and sweet, and what’s easiest to remember.
  3. Choose your extension carefully – Even though a ton of her extensions are available, such as .NET, .APP, .IO, and .ME, the original .COM is still what most people automatically use. Using .COM is still the best choice.
  4. Copyright infringement – be sure to check out to make sure that your name does not infringe on someone’s copyrighted material.

Domain names serve as a beacon to your website and your brand – make it stand out and effectively communicate why someone should visit your page. Successful online marketing has many variables, and naming your domain is one of the most important.


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