This is what ranking in the top 3 of google looks like.

SEO for attorneys

07 Aug This is what ranking in the top 3 of google looks like.

Whether in sports or in business, everybody wants to be #1. In google search results, being ranked number one can make all the difference to a local law firm. Here’s a recent example of how:

SEO turns on the flowA personal injury attorney in a city of about 2 million approached us in January of 2013, asking us to do his SEO. At that time, this client was showing up on page 5 of google for any search for a “personal injury attorney” or “personal injury lawyer” in his town. Of course, nobody searching for a personal injury lawyer was going to scroll through 5 pages of search results looking for his firm. So they never saw any business from their website.

We started by optimizing their site for search engines. This meant making sure that the search engines got the data they needed, and that the site was easy and quick to index. We made sure to add SEO friendly features to existing content, and made a plan of action for the next year.

Over the next 6 months we consistently added content to the site, both blog posts and informative services pages. Some of these posts and pages got some big attention from google, and started showing up in search results all on their own. Visitors to the site began to increase. We also worked with business and legal directories, making sure that this law firm was showing up accurately in their systems.

We also adamantly refused to use any questionable methods, such as submitting their site to spammy forums or directories. We made sure a human being was in control of every connection made and that any link to their site was from a legitimate source, and not the product of mass link-building. But would these ethical SEO methods also prove powerful?

Well, six months have gone by. While we figured we would see some movement in their rankings, even we weren’t expecting it to be so quick. As of the six month mark, our client is now ranked #2 for searches related to “personal injury” in their city.

You can see what this looks like on this graph, which illustrates how many times their site is being seen by people making searches on google each day:

SEO for attorneys

Views from June 2 to Aug 7, 2013

You can clearly see where the site crossed over the mythical border onto the first page around the beginning of July. Once they started showing up in the top 3, about a week ago, they began getting a significant increase in the number of people actually clicking on and visiting the site after searching for a personal injury attorney. How much of this will translate to real clients varies, but from our experience, we’d estimate about one solid personal injury case per week due to this ranking.

Getting to the google top 3 can be challenging, and requires some expertise, but it definitely pays dividends.


This is what ranking in the top 3 of google looks like. by
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