Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Google+ to Be Cool to Use It

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13 Nov Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Google+ to Be Cool to Use It

When it comes to social media, we are all a bunch of followers – that’s right, we just keep following the crowd. Everyone is on Facebook and Twitter, but what about Google+? Shouldn’t we share the love? The answer is yes.

What most people do not realize is that Google+ is becoming increasingly more important for determining search engine results, i.e. SEO or search engine optimization. Let me explain –

If you have a website, and hopefully a blog, it is extremely important to use social media platforms to spread your content around, to make people aware that it exists. Google ranks websites based on many factors, including inbound links and content, but for this article we are focusing more on social media reach. What Google does is provide people with the information that they need – or search for most online. So if website A creates content that is getting a ton of likes on Facebook and re-tweets on Twitter, then Google is going to reward this website by giving it a higher search ranking. If website B creates content that just does not seem to be reaching and engaging readers, then Google is going to essentially shove this website to the back of the junk drawer – you know the spot.

So because Google+ is – wait for it – part of Google, whatever happens on Google+ seems to get extra weight when it comes to website relevancy since nearly two-thirds of internet searches are done using Google. And because Google+ authorship is closely related to content authority, having popular content on Google+ that elicits +1’s and shares will result in higher authority and thus higher ranked search results on Google. According to Mark Traphagen, Director of Social Media Marketing at Virante, Inc., “those with Google+ profiles average a full Page Rank higher than those without.”

Here are some tips for using Google+

  1. Always use the featured link in a Google Plus post to get the follow links to your site. This is because there is a “no follow” for links included in the body of a G+ post. Remember to connect your Google+ page with your website as it will increase the relevancy of your website and its content.
  2. Always post to “Public” as these posts are the only ones that can be seen by anyone.
  3. Use hashtags – By using the # symbol, you are alerting Google of what your post is about, and this will make your post more likely to show up in search results.
  4. Consider signing up for the Plus One Club – this bumps up your ranking power.

So do not wait for everyone else to jump on the Google+ band wagon, get a head start! Google+ is essentially free and open land, prime-time real estate that is up for grabs. Don’t get us wrong, Facebook and Twitter are great elements to the social media world. But be sure to use other methods of social engagement for your online content. And because Google is basically dominating the search engine world, doesn’t it make sense to utilize its very own social media platform?

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