Social Media Marketing for Attorneys

Sure, everybody has heard of Facebook. You’ve probably even used it to photos of your last vacation or a cute kitten. But is there a way to use the power of Facebook and other social media platforms for the benefit of your business?


Imagine people on facebook sharing an article from your website. What if it went viral, and people all over the world were reading something from your blog? With a good social media plan this sort of thing can happen, and the more people share content that comes from your site, the more your site gains in rankings and in citations from others. Can you imagine if other law firms started linking to your website? It can happen – if the content is good enough.

Sure, most lawyers have a facebook page at least. We all know that it’s important to do so, but it’s hard to turn it into a flow of clients. Even for savvy facebook users, creating a base of loyal subscribers can be very challenging. You will need the help of professionals.

Our skilled team includes writers and social media experts who have done work for, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and more. They know how to engage an audience and develop a following. Their skills can help your law firm take advantage of facebook, twitter, and the like.

TruCounsel Marketing will help you turn your social media footprint from a boring “we’re working hard!” page into a dynamic source of brand recognition and client involvement.

Imagine people actually spreading word about your company for you. That’s the power of social media. When properly engaged, your Facebook and Google+ pages can bring more traffic to your website and more clients at your door. Contact us today to find out how.