SEO for Attorneys

SEO for Attorneys

Creating and managing a website can be a frustrating experience for an attorney. It has to be skillfully designed, optimized for search engines (SEO), full of fresh, inviting content, and still encourage potential clients to pick up the phone. You might have given it a shot, or even turned it over to an employee to manage. Yet without experience and powerful SEO skills a website is simply a lonely place-holder on the internet.

SEO for attorneysTruCounsel Marketing specializes in website design and SEO for attorneys. We have brought our clients tremendous amounts of new business through our SEO services. We feel confident that no matter what market you practice in, no matter who your competition is, we have a solution that will work for your law firm.

can help you create the most powerful attorney website possible. We’ll make sure the programming is running as smoothly as a brand new car, while the appearance is as appealing and inviting as can be. We can integrate your web page with facebook, google+, twitter, and more. We can make sure every page is SEO ready – encouraging Google, Bing, and Yahoo to rank you higher for your chosen keywords.

We’ll provide your website with fresh content based on topics of your choice and your area of service. Keeping the content new can help increase your rankings in search engines as well. Our team of experienced, professional writers knows how to bring attention to your site through writing engaging articles, and by creating virtual links with other, relevant blogs.

We can create videos and graphics which will engage visitors and get people talking about you online. Our team includes graphic designers and videographers with years of experience.

Best of all, because our CEO is a practicing lawyer, you can rest assured that everything we do will be in line with ethical standards.

We can help you turn your website from a useless landing page into a profitable tool that brings in phone calls and new clients.

Taking care of your website and SEO is all part of our service package. We can talk about what specific changes you want made, and advise you on what tools are most effective. We will create custom solutions for your firm.  Schedule a free appointment today.

Our SEO services:

Unlike most SEO companies, which focus on a certain number of “backlinks” per service package, we are focused only on one thing: getting our clients to their goals. This means that our SEO services are dynamic and adjust to fit each opportunity. Here are a list of some of the things we do to improve our clients’ search engine optimization:

Site optimizationContent creation
Blog posts
Website structuring
Directory submissions
Backlink building
Guest blogging
Analytics & reporting
Social media integration
Review site integration
Press releases
and more…

As an example, we may begin working with a client by focusing on site optimization and content building, then shift to linkbuilding and blogging, and continually adjust according to results. We always look for opportunities to produce press releases, connect with local businesses, and otherwise promote your brand.