Real World Marketing for Attorneys

In today’s world of smart phones, iPads, online maps and reviews, the Internet is more and more becoming a reflection of the real world. That is why we believe that building a strong online brand means doing real-world activities as well as digital efforts.  Much of our focus is in helping our client develop a real-life presence in their communities and reflecting that presence online.

We promise that this strategy leads to real-world clients. It is also the right way to do marketing and brand management. Instead of tricking Google into thinking you are relevant by using out-of-date SEO tricks, we help you become more relevant, and reflect your relevance online.

For example, people may not have much interest sharing the latest law blog post on with their facebook friends, however they’ll happily share about a local charity event sponsored by your firm. Along with the event they’ll be sharing your website, your brand, and your reputation.

Can you see how real world efforts create virtual fame? The old days of using just SEO are over.  Contact us today to learn more.