Branding Services for Attorneys

If you don’t take ownership of your name – your brand – somebody else on the Internet will.

Have you ever “googled” yourself? Try it. See what comes up. Is it all good? What happens when you search for your competitors? Do they look better or worse?  Are you finding reviews online of your name? You may discover that people are talking about you on sites like Yelp or Angieslist and you may not even know about it. Those reviews, comments, and everything else that comes up in a search for your brand can affect your flow of customers. A prospective client is sure to call the lawyer with the better reviews over the one with no reviews at all.

Do you want to take control of what people are saying about your law firm?

Do you want to make sure that when people search for your good name the first thing they see is positive?

That’s what our Online Branding Service is. We not only build positive content on the internet for you, we also help to remove any negative content, and monitor review sites for any attacks on your brand. We use our powerful SEO skills to make sure that the content you want seen is at the top of the list when people research your law firm. We let you know if somebody is reporting a bad experience, and give you a chance to contact them and make it right. That kind of outreach goes a long way towards building a loyal and vocal clientele.

We involve you in the process, too, in keeping with our philosophy of being not only powerful, but also ethical. This means you’ll never have anything happen in your name, without your consent.

If you want to get started today, or you want to know more about our Online Branding Services, give us a call today at (702) 800-5503