Should You Put the You in YouTube?


11 Mar Should You Put the You in YouTube?

Understandably, many businesses tend to shy away from using YouTube. Making videos isn’t as easy as writing an article or a blog post, that much is for certain. However, many of these businesses choose not to participate in the vibrant social media platform that is YouTube to their detriment. If you’re not already shooting videos and uploading to the website that sees close to a billion unique visitors every month, then here are some reasons why you should change your mind.

Search Engine Optimization

As far as high-quality content is concerned, video is becoming increasingly important to search engine rankings. Part of the reason has to do with the rate at which video content is shared. While choosing not to participate in the video sharing culture won’t prove fatal to your business’ SEO strategy, one has to believe that in the coming years it might not be so safe to go without video. So, get ahead of the trend, and at least dip your toes into the water.

Making Video Is Cheaper than It Used to Be

Not long ago, in order to shoot video you’d have to invest in expensive cameras, editing equipment and microphones. Technology has come a long way though, and now most people have HD-capable video cameras in their pockets in the form of a smartphone. While you won’t get the same features as a professional editing suite, almost every operating system comes standard with video editing software now. And that software is actually a lot more powerful than you might think it would be.

Personalized Approach to Your Audience

As an Internet user yourself, you likely understand the immediacy of video, and the way that it can send a strong, powerful message in ways that text simply can’t. When you choose to market yourself through video on YouTube, you gain the opportunity to deliver those kinds of messages to your customers, and maybe the opportunity to snag a few more along the way.

Responsive Content

You’ve probably already gotten the memo, but if you haven’t: Mobile is the future! One of the best ways to get your business out in front of people on mobile devices is to provide video content about your business. Every smartphone out there is capable of getting on YouTube, and when those phones are pointed at your videos, they’re only a few taps of the thumb away from getting shared with others.

Some Caveats About Using YouTube

Of course, there are some drawbacks to shooting video for YouTube. For one, it’s more time intensive than producing written content. Also, there is a much smaller margin for error. People can make snap impressions about something based on the quality of the video that they’re watching. So you’ll want to make sure that, as much as possible, any videos that you provide on YouTube rise to a semi-professional level. That’s not particularly hard, though – you’d be surprised how many high-quality videos have been shot with smartphone cameras and edited with free software.

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