At TruCounsel Marketing,
our philosophy is:

“Powerful and Ethical”


Where do your clients come from?

Like most law firms, you probably have multiple streams of incoming clients. What we’re concerned with at TruCounsel Marketing is the more than 30% of people who say they use the internet exclusively when looking for a specialist attorney.

30%. That’s huge.

TruCounsel Marketing wants to get that segment on your website, on the phone, and through your doors, and we’re prepared to do it using multiple, powerful means while always staying within ethical standards.


“Powerful” means our methods work.

In today’s world of smart phones, ipads, online maps and reviews, the internet is more and more becoming a reflection of the real world. That is why we believe that building a strong online brand means doing real-world activities as well.  Much of our focus is in helping our client develop a real-life presence in their communities and reflecting that presence online.

This strategy has led to many new clients for the lawyers who work with us. It is also the right way to do marketing and brand management. Instead of tricking Google into thinking you are relevant, we help you become more relevant, and reflect your firm’s relevance online.



“Ethical” means keeping our clients safe.

We also believe that those who handle any marketing for attorneys needs to adhere to the same ethical standards as the firm.  Our CEO is a practicing attorney, and we are aware of the special ethical concerns of lawyers. Unlike the average SEO company, nothing we do on your behalf will get you into trouble with the bar counsel. TruCounsel Marketing is determined to be Powerful and Ethical.


Would you like to know more? Let’s talk about specific ways that we can empower your firm’s marketing, while protecting your good name.


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