Some of the Ingredients for Viral Content

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16 Feb Some of the Ingredients for Viral Content

The main ingredient in viral content is cats.

Just kidding, but in all honesty, cats seem to be a fairly important ingredient when you’re trying to cook up a viral stew. Many who do business on the internet often wonder what it is that manages to make one piece of content viral and another piece of content not. As with anything in marketing, viral content is an art and not a science. It’s impossible to distill a precise formula that will make a piece of content viral at any given time.

That being said, there are some key themes across viral content that are worth paying attention to. If you keep your eye on these themes and concepts, then you’ll be able to at least craft content that has the chance of going viral. Remember, though, there’s no telling what the Internet is going to be excited about on any given day, so success is never guaranteed.

Something People Can Identify With

In speaking with The Guardian, Buzzfeed’s Editorial Director outlined what the publication thinks are the key ingredients to viral content. Among the most important was that the content be something that the audience can personally identify with, something that expresses an aspect of who they are.

Social media has certainly stoked the bonfires of people’s vanity, and folks are inclined to share web content that they feel stands as a representation of some aspect of who they are. You know what these content pieces are, because you see them every time that you scan through your Facebook newsfeed.

Your business may not be able to market itself with articles about the benefits of dating the outgoing introvert, but you can craft content that expresses why your products and services are good in a way that makes your customers or clients want to say to others: Hey, I do business with these guys, and that represents who I am.

Something That’s Actionable

Do yourself a favor, and point your browser toward Pinterest, and take a look at what people are sharing there. Do you notice anything? Most of what you find on there is content that provides a plan of action for the reader. These are how-to guides, recipes, pithy advice, and things of that nature. This kind of content is among the most common to go viral, and it’s the kind of content that almost any business can create if it puts some time into it. Surely, your businesses experience in the filed has taught you lessons that the public would be eager to learn about.

Don’t Worry About Viral Content So Much

Viral content is all well and good, but it’s not something that needs to be at the top of your online marketing list. The fact is that what makes something viral or not viral is really hard to strike upon. What is easy to strike upon is this: through your online marketing efforts, you can develop a much stronger relationship with your customers, and this is, at the end of the day, what’s most important.

So, take these lessons about the ingredients of viral content and apply them to your own efforts. But don’t kick yourself if your latest campaign doesn’t break the Internet. As long as its something that appeals to your customers and manages to draw in a few more, you’re doing your job well enough.

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