How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

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21 Nov How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Increasing the traffic to your website can often be tricky, especially for those new to the online marketing game. The main goal for any business, even online, is to demonstrate that you have the solutions to specific problems. And to do this, you must be able to communicate these solutions effectively. But how, you ask?

  1. Create content that matters – Because your website is based around a specific product or service, fill your website with content that’s directly related to your business. A website about food recipes should create regular content on anything related to food, while a photography website will focus on photography. Write about the things people often wonder about that topic – for instance, a photography blog might include a post titled, “How to Choose a DSLR Camera.” In this post, the content will be about the different camera brands and how they each compare and contrast. You are providing answers – that’s the whole point.
  2. Don’t be a wallflower, be social – Your website is only going to be as active as you are, meaning get your brand out there. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are great platforms for spreading your brand around. Share tweets that are specific to your industry, as well as random thoughts that are purely for comical relief – this is how your reach people. This is what builds a foundation for business relationships. And remember that each social media platform is different. While Twitter is best for short, snappy anecdotal links, Google+ is best for promoting a sturdy business image. Each platform is unique and deserves to be treated as the individuals that they are.
  3. Leverage SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a valuable tool that can really give your website the edge. Using keywords and internal links will help boost traffic to your site – but remember that ethics matter. Remember to use words and phrases that you think most people would type into Google. Think: How to choose a DSLR Camera.
  4. Quality vs Quantity – Content marketing is about quality, not quantity. If your blog is filled with posts that are not based on facts or is littered with grammatical errors, your traffic will probably not amount to much. Would you want to read an instruction manual that has lots of spelling errors? Or provides “helpful” information that turns out to be garbage? No. The same goes for blogs. By writing quality material, people are more likely to keep coming back. And if you’re lucky, they may even bookmark your page.
  5. Be engaged with your online community – To position yourself and your brand as an industry leader, it’s important to engage with your people. For instance, write posts that end with a series of questions that your readers can answer. Then write a follow-up post with your feedback. This type of interaction shows your community that you value them and are committed to providing answers.

Content marketing has many variables, and it may take time to build up your audience. But with the right tools and consistency, your website will be a popular go-to page for your online community.

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