Have You Considered Content Marketing?


01 Apr Have You Considered Content Marketing?

If you are confused by online marketing (and lots of people are), it is not all that likely that you’ve heard much about content marketing. Even if you have, you may have thought something along the lines of, “Great, another thing I’m supposed to be doing that I am not doing/cannot do/don’t know how to do in the first place!” Well, the good news is that you probably can do content marketing easily, and it is going to prove to be one of the best things you have yet done where your online marketing is concerned.

First Things First

Now, before we start exploring content marketing as a superior approach to online marketing in general, let’s just review a few key facts about your marketing plans. First of all…do you have a marketing plan? If not, you’ll need to create, at least, a rough outline of the things you do to spread the word about your product or service. As an example, do you have a website? Do you have a blog that directs people to the website? Do you use social media to introduce people to the blog? Do you see a sort of road map here – website to blog to social media. Interestingly enough, you must also look at this map in reverse order, too – social media leads to the blog, and then this takes visitors to the website. Now that you understand that you have to have these components, let’s consider your plans for them.

Planning and Writing

How are you introducing people to these pages? Are you writing blogs about products or services and then sharing them via the social media pages and the website? That will work, but only if you are consistent. To create an audience you have to be a consistent voice and a responsive one, too. In other words, you have to post material to your social media and blog at least once each week. If you don’t, the silence will kill interest. If you post too many things, the endless barrage will kill you just as easily. So, you need to make plans for consistency and balance.

Let’s say you decide to write once per week – which is great. What are you writing about? If you are doing anything online on a regular basis you may be making the mistake of thinking only in terms of “leads” or “prospects”. Don’t be this kind of communicator – someone who writes purely promotional stuff that doesn’t really “say” anything. Instead, think only in terms of your audience.

What problems of theirs do your products and services solve?

What sort of information would entertain and inform them? What are they interested in that relates to, but is not directly about, your area? When you answer such questions, you get to the heart and soul of winning content marketing. This is material that gives your audience useful content, stuff worth reading, and things they will want to share with others. You give them something for nothing (via your blog and social media), and in return they give you their attention and respect. They take natural steps to find out more about you and your products or services, and all it really cost you was the time to craft content that wasn’t about the sell, but was about creating a following. Give it a try…you’ll be amazed.

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