Give King Content the Crown It Deserves

24 Mar Give King Content the Crown It Deserves

If you start to do any research about the best online marketing methods, one of the first things you discover as you read about SEO, email messaging, and all of the rest is that “content is king”. You might knowingly nod your head and say, “True, true…” but you might also be thinking, “What the heck does that mean?” After all, what do all of these experts mean about “content”, and what about it makes it so high and mighty as to be titled the “king”?

It all has to do with search engines and the fight to be at the top of any SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). This is what SEO is all about – you are optimizing all of your pages in order to make the search engines like them and place them high in any relevant search results. To do that means using things like keywords, social media, links, and more.

In the past, some well chosen keywords, some PPC ads (pay per click), and lots and lots of blogs about the same sort of things (using those well chosen keywords) would tend to get you in the top positions in search results. This was especially true if you swapped links with other websites or bloggers, got your stuff out on social media and earned a few shares or retweets, and if you enhanced your chances with smartly designed and tagged websites.
Today, those meta tags on your site can still help with search engines, but the days of keyword stuffed content are at an end.

Hail King Content!

Instead, you now need to have content that is unique (never scraped or spun), relevant (not just a foundation for keyword use), and authentic. Managing what you do with this content is all part of the online marketing game. You can create excellent blogs, but if you are not sharing them on social media, they may not yield the traffic you want. Of course, one of the things that a lot of online marketers overlook is the importance of a good “crown” for their kingly content.

What is a crown?

It is not just another thing you need to learn about online marketing, it is our way of talking about headlines. A good headline or title is more important than most realize. While we’ve all fallen prey to headlines and titles that are just “click bait” (you know the kind – Woman Pets Dog. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next), we can use their example to demonstrate how important the headline is to your goals.

How do you craft good headlines for blog and article titles, page titles, and more? Here are some quick tips to help you construct powerful titles without resorting to click bait tactics:

• Try to keep it under 65 characters.
• Know that 80% read ONLY the headline.
• Ideally, it should be six words.
• Question or reference your reader.
• Use interesting adjectives.
• Negative wording leads to more shares (especially no, stop, and without).
• Use numbers (the bigger the number the more the shares, i.e. 100 Things to Do in NYC).
• Add a little extra (i.e. 10 Ways to Get Ready for Vacation – Number 3 Is A Must!).
Combining these tips into a formula would give you this: A number or catch word + a good adjective + a keyword + a promise

Crown your kingly content with good headlines and you’ll soon see online marketing success.

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