Four Tips to Using Social Media Marketing


23 Mar Four Tips to Using Social Media Marketing

The 1.39 billion users that are active on Facebook alone every month show just how popular social media has become. If you are finally getting around to jumping into this plethora of potential customers and clients, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind. A successful social media campaign doesn’t happen just because you decide to create a page. However, if you create a page and remember some vital tips that the pros have developed over the last few years, you can kick-start your profits right along with them.

Facebook Is Not the Only Player

While there are plenty of users on Facebook, you really need to make sure your business has a LinkedIn company page as well – there are over 347 million users there, and it is an excellent method of building your brand and generating interest. A majority of LinkedIn users are professionals and college graduates, and the unique setup of the platform allows you to customize your message to the exact people you are trying to reach.

Quality Is Everything

While posting several times per day may provide a slight increase in visitors and potential customers, the actual quality of your posts are much more important than the number. When you provide quality, engaging content, you will promote engagement among those who friend your page. When you engage, it means that others are discussing your posts, and sharing them with others on the platform. The end result is that more people will be introduced to your product, which generally results in increased profits. It’s important to remember that engagement is the driver of success of social media. Even though you may have 10,000 connections, if they don’t interact with your content and share, it does no good.

Listening Matters

Whether you are getting involved in conversations or just looking around to see what your connections are interested in, you have to listen. This will allow you to tailor your content to their interests, which will boost engagement. Another important facet of social media marketing is that you have to respond to those who post about bad experiences. If potential clients visit the page and see you took the time to try to fix the problem, they are going to be much more likely to come back in the future. However, ignoring or simply deleting those comments sends the message that your organization just doesn’t care about customer satisfaction.

Questions Generate Interest

Do you have a question about the needs of your customers, or are you just curious about whether an idea you have might be worth exploring? Ask your connections on social media – you will get honest answers, and you’ll generate the interest and engagement that is such a large part of social media.

When handled properly, social media marketing can be a major contributor to the overall success of your business. Just keep in mind that you have to keep up with your content to make sure your connections stay interested; otherwise, you might fall prey to the dreaded “delete” button.

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