Ethical SEO

What is Ethical SEO?

To TruCounsel Marketing, Ethical SEO means never sacrificing our integrity or our clients’ reputation for the sake of rankings. Our CEO is a practicing attorney who understands and adheres to ethical standards.

Ethical SEOMost SEO companies will do whatever it takes to get that top search ranking. This means spamming directories, blogs, and other websites with endless links to your website. In the old days this used to make a difference, but search engines have learned how to tell the difference between a quality connection and a link created by a robot.

The danger you face is that you’ve handed your brand over to somebody who only cares about rankings. You may find your good name associated with pornography sites, illicit drug companies, and nude celebrity photos. Some SEO companies will use your name and brand to endorse sites and products outside of your control and knowledge, all in the headlong pursuit of a higher rank. It may have already happened to you.

Curious to see who you’re associated with online? CONTACT US and we’ll give you an evaluation within 24 hours at no charge.

From a practical standpoint, here’s what to expect from TruCounsel Marketing:

1. We will never use your name or brand without your permission and knowledge.

2. We will never associate your brand with “spammy” websites.

3. We will always adhere to the ethical standards of the legal community.

4. We will do our best to clean up and maintain the integrity of your online brand.

How do we do it?

Ethical SEOWe do it the hard way.

1. We never use robots to create generic, meaningless comments in your name. We write out appropriate comments, and get your approval before anything is submitted.

2. We manually submit your name and brand to directories to ensure that you aren’t ending up on questionable sites, and that those directories are relevant. Modern search engines recognize this extra effort and often improve your rankings because of it.

3. We take the time to find out what search engines “value” and target those qualities specifically, rather than spam the whole world, hoping for a few positive hits.

It’s time to step away from the old and unethical SEO practices. It’s time to take control of your brand. CONTACT US TODAY to discuss how TruCounsel Marketing can help your firm in a powerful and ethical way.