Email Marketing Tips That Produce Results


19 Mar Email Marketing Tips That Produce Results

Email marketing is one of those things that many companies do, but most wonder if they are doing it correctly. When you consider your own email habits, such as how many times each day you check your inbox, which messages attract your attention, and what makes you hit the delete button immediately, you have a great basis for what your own campaign needs to include. However, there are other aspects that can increase the potential of your email marketing, and most of them are relatively simple to use.

Exclusivity Matters

When your email customers feel as if they are special, or a part of an exclusive group, they are much more likely to open and respond to the email. Offering subscribers early access to sales notifications, blog posts, and other important information generates interest.

Make It Personal

There are actually a couple of different ways to work this into your email marketing. First, address your readers by name – it adds a human touch to your emails. Second, consider telling your customers about the history of your organization. Did something work splendidly, or fail miserably in the early days? Whatever you have to share, do so. You will be building relationships and generating interest at the same time.

Happiness and Excitement Builds Your Brand

If you have customers who are expecting a refund, a frequent shopper reward, or even payment for something that was sent to you, build happiness into the subject line – something as simple as “How’s This for a Great Morning?” generates interest by inciting curiosity. When the reader opens the email and finds out the good news, they will certainly remember to read all those emails as they filter into their mailboxes.

Thank You’s Are Appreciated

Whether you incorporate it into a typical email, or you have the time to send it in its own message, a thank you goes a long way in customer service. Did a customer leave detailed, relevant feedback? Show him or her that you read it, and appreciated it, with a simple thank via email.

Buttons Make Life Easier

If you are sending marketing emails as a method of increasing sales, you need to include buttons. It is much faster and easier to just click an embedded button, rather than trying to copy and paste, or remember to visit the website later. Internet users are an “I want it now” crowd, and those buttons will satisfy that need – and yours!

Referrals Generate Profits

Including referral codes in your email marketing campaign is a no-brainer. Happy customers let their friends know about the great products or services they use, and when you include referral codes that give the reader something as well, you both win. Potential customers trust referrals from friends over other forms of advertising, and email codes make them quick and easy for your customers to share with their friends.

Email marketing is a major part of successful sales. By incorporating these tips into your campaign, you will generate more interest, greater ROI through engagement, and increase your potential for repeat customers – all via their inboxes.

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