Drive Traffic By Creating Trust


18 Mar Drive Traffic By Creating Trust

Online marketing is something with a lot of variables and/or “moving parts”. There is a lot to know about it, how to do it, and what it can provide you, but at the heart of it all is information. Your online marketing is going to give your intended audience the information it needs to solve some sort of “problem”.

Whether that problem is where to eat on Friday night or what sort of stain to use on a new deck, it begins with their dilemma or question. They enter this question into search engines, get it in a well-designed email campaign, or ask others for advice in social media or forums, and then (hopefully) they find the information you have made available. This, then, sends them to your blog, social media page, website or even a landing page.

So, the goal of the information you send out through online marketing is to create traffic to your site, business, blog, and so on. But you must also strive to build a relationship and trust in order to retain their interest and commitment to your brand or organization. And that means that all of the information you provide must be easy to find, and it must be trustworthy.

Search Engines Now Demand Authenticity

Getting your name associated with trustworthy and valid information is actually a major function of SEO. The search engines, and Google in particular, are now looking for content that is unique and authentic. Long gone is the era in which scores of keywords could be senselessly pasted together to give you high search engine ranking. Instead, the material or content has to be authentic, and it also has to be authenticated by the kinds of links, shares, and interest that shows your readers are actually getting something from the information you make available.

This often leaves those responsible for online marketing wondering if there is a “best way” of building this sort of trust. Is it the social media share of a blog? A newsletter? The good news is that there is not just one way to accomplish online marketing that builds trust and offers quality information. In fact, here are several ways suggested by top marketing experts:


It is the foundation of all content, and it is easily sharable. This is what search engines really like to see, and yet well-designed blog campaigns can be organized in a way that streamlines later marketing. For example, you write a series of thematic or easily related blogs, they are shared all over social media and cited by other bloggers. You can then use the same content for an eBook, online workshop, and even a larger article. All the while building trust and positioning yourself as an authentic voice.

Social Media

Leverage this free form of online marketing, but do it in a way that is responsive. Shared your great content, respond to posts, and check out what others put out there. Creating dialogue shows that you see it as a two-way street and not just a channel for marketing alone.


You may have to ask clients for these, but this is the sort of golden “word of mouth” information that your audience may need to make the move toward your offerings. Whether on Yelp or another location, try hard to provide this sort of information to your intended audience. With those three steps, you will create a lot of trustworthy information that is sure to yield increases in traffic.

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