Don’t Lose Focus When Online Marketing


13 Mar Don’t Lose Focus When Online Marketing

It is so unbelievably satisfying for any Facebook business page owner to look at their number of fans and see it at a level they never expected. “Yes!” is a totally appropriate response, but not if that success is not reflected in the number of people who are actually taking action and becoming clients or website users.

As one expert says, “One thousand responsive email followers trumps 25,000 Twitter followers every day when it comes to actually promoting the things that make your money.” (Meyerson, 2015) The thing is, you can’t just ignore social media and put all that you have into email marketing. The modern online marketing program has to be all-inclusive, but that makes it altogether too easy to lose your focus. This is why it is always best to view things in tiers or some sort of structured plan.

What is at the top of your particular online marketing plan? Most marketing pros would tell you that you really want to get email subscribers locked down in order to leverage whatever power you can from social media. This does sound surprising since it is too easy to find advice warning you to get your Facebook campaigns going, and get them going right now! However, as already pointed out – you can be a social media star that doesn’t earn a penny from this success.

Email Addresses Matter

One of the simplest ways to get an email list going is to give away information. You might accomplish this through world class content marketing that uses relevant and well written material posted to places like LinkedIn, Facebook, and a blog or website. However, we would suggest that one of the best ways to start developing a dedicated and sincerely interested list of followers is to give them something condensed and substantial – in other words, offer them a free eBook in exchange for their email.

Some of the world’s most successful bloggers and websites have done this effectively, and it will help you to capture a truly interested audience. You can easily promote this at your website, your blog, any PPC marketing campaigns, and existing social media. Once you get that audience, make sure that they can share your information freely, too – but ensure you capture their shares through your email service provider’s resources too.

Only after you have gotten a sturdy foundation for email marketing beneath you should you then refocus energy on social media. Online marketing across social media is always demonstrably stronger when you have an existing following (it is likely that your email subscribers will also be part of your social media). They can then become your world-class sharers who help to bump up your site’s SEO with every retweet, share, and so on.

Remember, though, it ends up being about content at all times. Whether you are drafting a blog or writing your eBook, make sure it is relevant, full of useful information, and something that others will share. Online marketing may be online, but if you look at the power of email and social media, you see that it is also still the old “word of mouth” marketing that is the key factor to success.

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