Attorney SEO

13 Feb What’s In a Keyword?

William Shakespeare had Romeo ask, “What’s in a name?” in his play Romeo and Juliet. Were he alive today and writing search engine optimized content for his website, you can bet that Billy Shakes would be asking, “What’s in a keyword?” Selecting the right keywords for...

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11 Feb What is Siloing?

Siloing is not a new strategy for web content and SEO. In fact it’s very old. According to, siloing was being discussed fourteen years ago as a good way to improve search results on Google. So why is it still important? Hasn’t siloing, like...

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04 Feb Getting Your Website Listed

Listings are an important part of law firm SEO that should not be overlooked. While many potential clients will only search by Google when looking for new legal representation, there are still many others who will look through online directories and some more who will...

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