5 Free Ways to Get Online Attention from Your Target Audience

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10 Nov 5 Free Ways to Get Online Attention from Your Target Audience

Because the internet is ripping at the seams with information, it’s sometimes difficult to keep anyone’s attention for very long; this is especially true if you only have one platform that you’re using to brand yourself. For instance, it was perfectly reasonable in the 90’s to simply have a website. But today, along with that website, you should be utilizing social media outlets to market your brand. Not only do social media websites help voice your brand, but there are a few other methods to market your business and engage readers.

  1. Create a LinkedIn Group – LinkedIn is a great tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. By creating a group, you are reserving another corner of the internet to park your brand. This methods also enables others in your industry to network and share ideas – with you as the host. What this means is that you are seen as an industry leader. Perception is everything.
  2. Upload YouTube Videos – Sure, not everyone is great in front of the camera, but if you can manage to upload a few videos, you can really reach your audience. Online videos are just about as close to in-person interaction as you can get on the internet, and will allow your audience to see your brand as more than just a name and slogan. Be sure to be clear and concise in communicating your expertise or product, as this will be your selling point.
  3. Get Endorsements from Industry Leaders – By getting an endorsement from a leader in your niche, you get exposure that you may not have otherwise had before. For instance, if you’re new to the professional photography world, getting an endorsement from a local professional photographer who does national work, you just stepped up in your industry. That endorsement is extremely valuable as it is essentially a “job reference” in another form. Everyone knows this person and they just recommended you.
  4. Write an E-Book – Today, just about anyone can write a book thanks to many online publishing platforms, such as Amazon. Amazon lets you publish an E-Book for free, but does take a percentage of each sale. Write your book on industry-specific topics, and then market it by spreading it around on social media.
  5. Get Published – Online, that is. If you can make a strong sales pitch, many professional niche blogs or magazines accept guest articles and will publish them on their websites, crediting you. You will want to approach a high-traffic niche blog owners and explain how you can add value to their already existing content. Or ask if they have a topic they would like you to write about. By being published on a successful, high-traffic blog, you will gain significant exposure. This exposure could lead to increased traffic on your website, and hopefully lead to sales.

Online marketing takes some elbow grease – but managing a successful online business or website is within reach!


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