4 Alternative Online Marketing Tactics That Really Deliver


17 Mar 4 Alternative Online Marketing Tactics That Really Deliver

If you are like the millions of other business people, website owners, and entrepreneurs of the world, you are probably well aware of the most basic online marketing steps you should be following. You’ve gotten yourself out there on social media; you write your own witty or informative blogs every week; you offer up guest blogs to related businesses or sites, and you even have invested in some PPC ads and some quality videos.

Now what? Though you may be sticking to the schedule and consistently producing these valuable materials, you may be ready to take a lead and do something a bit different from the rest of the crowd. That’s great because we have four very effective, alternative moves you can use as a form of online marketing – and each is going to really grab the attention of your audience or target market.

1. Become THE Resource – While you have already worked to give yourself a reputation as an expert in your field (through blogs and comments), you can take it a lot farther when you form a LinkedIn Group of your own. Not only is it entirely free of charge, but it also makes everyone in your industry aware of you as a valid voice. And that is the real payoff. While you can interact with others in your field and build a nice network of professionals, you also create a lot of chatter about and around your brand, and you direct traffic to your blog and website on a much more consistent basis.

2. Write a Book – An ebook, that is…Nothing says “valid” more than a few eBooks offered through your site or other eBook channels. No matter what field you specialize in, there is bound to be a few topics that you can write short eBooks about (or hire a ghostwriter to create for you). Try to make them actually readable and full of good information – people will share the details, quote you, and help to drive ever-increasing numbers to your site. You might also give an eBook away in order to encourage visitors to “opt in” to your email list as well.

3. Become a Vlogger – This is the next evolutionary phase of online marketing, and if industry analysts are correct, you will absolutely have to have video content in the next few years. The one place you must put your blogs is YouTube simply because this free resource is used by more than 800 million views each month. Be sure you use SEO in titles and descriptions, make the videos useful and of good quality, add a call to action, and launch them via social media. If you blog, you should vlog.

4. Publish or Perish – Just as vlogging is now becoming an important key to online marketing, getting yourself into industry websites, online magazines, or even printed journals is an ideal way to increase your audience. The higher the traffic to the sites where you are published, the more hits back to your blog or site. This increases your SERPs (search engine results pages) ranking, and improves your chances for success.

Four relatively simple, and fun steps, and you could see tremendous improvements in your online marketing results.

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